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March 2009
PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Tue, Mar. 10th, 2009 02:32 pm

Today Serena and I took our lunch hour to go get our first ultrasound!
We were very excited parents, overjoyed at seeing our child so safe and secure in mommy's tummy!

The kid was bouncing all over the place in there.  Our friend, Nurse Angie (who works at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center associated with our church) performed the ultrasound and gave us pictures of the baby.

She also told us, based on measurements, and other factors the computer takes in to consideration, that our due date is actually 09/09/2009!  Wow!

When she first saw our baby, she said, "This is not a 9-week baby!"  As it turns out, the baby measures like it's 14-weeks along!  In a couple of weeks we can find out the gender of the baby, even!

One of the things our baby did was look directly at the transducer (aka the probe they put on the mommy's tummy), then it stretched its arm and legs.  It's going to be a BIG baby!  Nurse Angie said that normally doesn't happen, so we're going to have an active baby.  Normally they keep their arms close to their chest and suck on their thumb or something.

She says we're doing a great job as parents, me just taking care of Serena, and Serena just taking care of herself and the baby!  We are SO excited to become parents!

Thanks for all your continuing love, prayer and support!

Josh & Serena

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Sat, Feb. 7th, 2009 12:11 pm

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Sat, Apr. 26th, 2008 10:22 am

Yesterday an accident occurred that injured over 40 people.  Please be praying for those people and their quick recovery!  Below I've gathered as much information on the events leading up to the accident, and the results of the accident.

2:27pm Friday, Apr 25 Starfield sent out a Facebook update saying:

Oh Canada!

2:27pm Friday, Apr 25
Not much time to type right now, but wanted to get a quick message in. We had an amazing kick-off to the tour last night in Victoria. Thanks so much to all who came out. We'll post video soon of some of the night - lots of new stuff we've never had before as far as lighting and video is concerned.

Just learned that tonight's show in our home of Abbotsford is sold out, as is tomorrow night in Burnaby. That's great news and bad news, I suppose, depending on whether or not you have a ticket.

Looking ahead to next week for those of you in Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary - there are still tickets available but it's reasonable to think they'll sell out as well. You can still get the tickets for $16.95 as opposed to $20 at the door, assuming tickets will be available at the door.

To all the rest of you outside of Canada - we'll get videos and such up soon so you can share in what's going on. Bethany Dillon and the Shanes and Nasser all did amazing last night. Can't tell you how much fun we're having.

And on to soundcheck....

Elwin said last night (April 25th), around 8pm: "heading out to the Starfield concert tonight in Abbotsford"

Elwin said last night, around 11 pm: "my family and I are safe - we were at the Starfield concert in abbotsford where the lighting system crashed onto the audience"

Elwin said last night, around 11 pm: "Julia and I crashed through the concert floor and fell to the basement in concerte, pews and water"

Elwin said last night, around 11 pm: "back, arm and leg are hurting but no blood"

globeandmail said, "Church stage collapses in Abbotsford, B.C."

cbcnews said, "Church stage collapses during Christian rock concert at Abbotsford, B.C."

Dozens injured as floor collapses at Christian rock concert in Abbotsford

Stage scaffolding fell and knocked approximately 70 people through the floor and into the basement at a crowded Christian rock concert in an Abbotsford church on Friday night.

xxivxxv says, "shocked about the starfield concert."

More than 40 injured after floor collapses at church concert in B.C.

1,200 people pack sold-out Christian rock show in Abbotsford

chrisfromcanada says, "Pray for Starfield, Shane & Shane and Bethany Dillon - big accident at their show last night in BC - nobody killed"

Another prayer request. And another.

Elwin says, "How life can change in an instant."

chrisfromcanada says, "Just got off the phone with tour manager - 20'x20' foot whole opened up in front of the stage and kids fell through to the basement"

chrisfromcanada says, "Police have locked down the building, forensic team coming in today - nobody slept last night. 40 people in hospital, 3 critical - spinals"

emilysound says "Writing a blog about Starfield concert"

(Late news)

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Wed, Apr. 9th, 2008 10:25 pm

I was talking with David Horning this evening about a Bible verse, so I started to do a little reading...

Here is what Matthew Henry has to say about Luke 14:26:

[1.] Every good man loves his relations; and yet, if he be a disciple of Christ, he must comparatively hate them, must love them less than Christ, as Leah is said to be hated when Rachel was better loved. Not that their persons must be in any degree hated, but our comfort and satisfaction in them must be lost and swallowed up in our love to Christ, as Levi’s was, when he said to his father, I have not seen him, Deu. 33:9. When our duty to our parents comes in competition with our evident duty to Christ, we must give Christ the preference. If we must either deny Christ or be banished from our families and relations (as many of the primitive Christians were), we must rather lose their society than his favour.

This makes me wonder if the whole Jacob I loved, Esau I hated thing is the same deal?  But I kinda think not because didn't God want Esau destroyed?

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Tue, Apr. 8th, 2008 10:36 pm

In Jesus, God became man.  The infinite became finite.  The eternal entered time.  The Creator became the created one.  John 1:14 "The Word became flesh."  He became what He was not without ever ceasing to be what He was, namely God.  And in becoming man, Jesus was not exchanging his divinity for His humanity; he wasn't suspending or surrendering His divine attributes or prerogatives in order that He might be come real and active.  The divine Word did not relinquish His deity, but added to it.

Jesus had ordinary human affections.  He had His close friends/disciples, and loved His mother.

Jesus had a human faculty of choice.  Jesus was making real choices.  Jesus chose NOT to make stones in to bread, and chose NOT to throw Himself down from the pinnacle.

Jesus (not ONLY but ALSO) had a human intellect.  He "learned his times tables."  "Mary taught Him His colors."  God chose not to reveal to Jesus the time of His return.

Jesus: TWO Natures in One Person
When we say JESUS, we're speaking about One in whom is found all that can be found of God and all that can be expressed in man.

The first 400-500 years of the early church wrestled with these ideas.

Constantine became a Christian in 312 A.D. and he put together the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. in order to wrestle with the issue of who Jesus was in relationship to the Father and the Holy Spirit.  But it wasn't until 381 A.D.  in the Council of Constantinople, they finally determined together that Christ was not a created being.

How then can the divine and human coexist in this person?  How can you have one person with two natures?

They ruled out the idea that Jesus was two personalities under one skin.  They also ruled out the idea that divinity swallowed humanity.  (That His humanity was an unreal notion, and that he was truly divine and a bit of a phantom.)  They also ruled out the idea that instead of there being two distinct natures within one person, that these two natures were fused and interwoven in a 'mongrel' existence.

Council of Chalcedon: Jesus Christ acknowledged in two natures inconfusedly, unchangeably, indivisibly, inseparably.

The Westminster Confession:
Two whole perfect and distinct natures, the Godhead and the manhood, were inseparably joined within one person, but without conversion, composition, or confusion.

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008 12:31 pm

This morning was, in brief, amazing.  God showed up, and engaged our students, and engaged our music teams.  One aspect that I noticed was different is that we weren't rushed this morning.

I arrived almost exactly at 10am.  The Navigators (55 and up) service went about five minutes short, and gave us plenty of time to move in to Room 202 and set up.  We have to wait to sound check in Room 202 because in Room 200 we have a Video Café service that is finishing up until about 10:30 or so.  But when they start their after message song, we can sound check.

After we finished setting up, but before we could sound check, I played a calm little tune.  Volunteers were setting the room for the upcoming junior high service.  Tech and music team were waiting for the 'OK' to start sound check.  And I played Yesterday, Today and Forever (by Vicky Beeching) quietly in the background.  And I started praying.  I don't remember what I said, but I only remember that it started to catch people's attention.  The music team stopped doodling, and started listening.  I prayed for a good five minutes, or so it seemed.  And it was very calming, and relaxing, and humbling to have God meet us, even in that tiny moment.  It was such a blessing that we weren't rushed, because we were allowed this "extra" time in the day that we normally wouldn't have.

Sound check went really good.  We got everything dialed in, and with plenty of time to spare.

After that I walked next door to meet the high school music team.

I didn't see any of them anywhere, which was weird, because they're waiting by the back kitchen door.  Waiting for Video Café to finish, so they can come in and set up.  I even designated a "team leader" for that portion to gather everyone and lead them in to the room, since I would be next door sound checking.

But, ah, a second later, they start coming in.  Good :)

Our sound check should have started as soon as we were set up.  But it didn't, and I'm not sure why.

The band for Video Café this morning was Daniel Eric Groves. Or is it The Daniel Eric Groves Band?  I'm not sure.  I understand that the stage had an unusual turn around time.  So we graciously waited for our turn to take over the stage in Room 200.

We were set and ready to start sound check at least by 10:45.  (Which, on a normal weekend is technically when we're supposed to be done sound checking.) I stared to panic a little, as you may have noticed.  But we eventually got started, and went through sound check A-OK.

I started to feel a little rushed, but I know that we overcame that when we went to our green room and prayed for a minute or two.

Fast forward...

Our set in high school was musically tight, and I think it sounded really good in the room.  A well balanced mix, in my opinion.  The crowd response was great right from the start.  I love when they join with us in brining worth to God.

I ran next door to meet the junior high music team...

Fast forward...

Our set in junior was musically... well... I like to describe it in terms of grades, like in school.  Performace: C+  Effort: A  That is to say that we tried our best, but we weren't quite as tight as I would have liked to have been.  In spite of our musical issues, the crowd responded really... well... over and above what one would expect when the music isn't as tight as one would hope it would be.

All this to say, I'm so glad that God is the focus, and not our music teams or power points, or anything like that!

And to Him, be all the glory, forever, and ever!

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Sat, Apr. 5th, 2008 12:36 am

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Tue, Apr. 1st, 2008 08:24 am

Luke 22:39

John 1:14 - the Word is introduced in the proceeding 13 verses.

The Word is eternal.
There was never a time when He was NOT.
When creation took place, the Word was already in being.
It is unoriginated, uncaused, and independent of any other form of existence.

The Word is Creator.  John 1:3
Everything in the Universe ultimately a coherent expression of the Word's creative power.  "Through Him all things were made."  There is nothing beyond the Word.

The Word is God.
To say less than this is to move beyond the realm of historic Orthodoxy.

"Who is He in yonder stall,
at whose feet the shepherds fall."

"Til the Lord, oh wondrous story
Til the Lord, the King of glory
And at His feet, we humbly fall
And we crown Him, crown Him Lord of all."

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Thu, Mar. 27th, 2008 08:55 am

Luke 22

Verses 35-38

Verses 49-51

Verse 28, Jesus ignores his disciples character defects and calls them, "those who have stayed with me in my trials."  You feel like He's always looking for the good in them.

Verse 32, and He cares for them, and prays for them.

(Note to self: I need to sit somewhere that is a LOW traffic area; especially on Thursday!)

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PFC.P.JOSH 94642
Thu, Mar. 27th, 2008 08:26 am

Romans 3

God credits the righteousness of Jesus to ourselves.
The ground of our justification lies utterly outside of us.

We are not put right with God as a result of anything done by us.
We are not put right with God as a result of anything done in us.
We are put right with God as a result of something done for us.

Though I don't deserve it, and cannot earn it, God has reconciled my account.  This is radical.

In Christ, a believer is completely and once-and-for-all justified and is as accepted by God today as they will ever be.  My sin and shortcomings don't undo my righteousness than my moments of honor and endeavor cancel my guilt.

The Prodigal Son story shows us how the son is lavished upon with everything he didn't deserve, and received nothing that he did deserve.  It is an unbelievable display of God's love.  When God forgives, he does so permanently.

Allistair mentions calling AT&T and asking about a "convoluted" bill. And in this story the lady says, "I'm bringing it up...  yeah... let me just remove that for you."  With the press of a button, she says, "It's gone."

When God, in Christ, hits the proverbial delete key, it's GONE. Immediately, unconditionally, completely, and wonderfully.

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