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On Vox: Worship Confessional ::: Sunday, April 6th - The Last Samurai
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March 2009
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Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008 12:31 pm
On Vox: Worship Confessional ::: Sunday, April 6th

This morning was, in brief, amazing.  God showed up, and engaged our students, and engaged our music teams.  One aspect that I noticed was different is that we weren't rushed this morning.

I arrived almost exactly at 10am.  The Navigators (55 and up) service went about five minutes short, and gave us plenty of time to move in to Room 202 and set up.  We have to wait to sound check in Room 202 because in Room 200 we have a Video Café service that is finishing up until about 10:30 or so.  But when they start their after message song, we can sound check.

After we finished setting up, but before we could sound check, I played a calm little tune.  Volunteers were setting the room for the upcoming junior high service.  Tech and music team were waiting for the 'OK' to start sound check.  And I played Yesterday, Today and Forever (by Vicky Beeching) quietly in the background.  And I started praying.  I don't remember what I said, but I only remember that it started to catch people's attention.  The music team stopped doodling, and started listening.  I prayed for a good five minutes, or so it seemed.  And it was very calming, and relaxing, and humbling to have God meet us, even in that tiny moment.  It was such a blessing that we weren't rushed, because we were allowed this "extra" time in the day that we normally wouldn't have.

Sound check went really good.  We got everything dialed in, and with plenty of time to spare.

After that I walked next door to meet the high school music team.

I didn't see any of them anywhere, which was weird, because they're waiting by the back kitchen door.  Waiting for Video Café to finish, so they can come in and set up.  I even designated a "team leader" for that portion to gather everyone and lead them in to the room, since I would be next door sound checking.

But, ah, a second later, they start coming in.  Good :)

Our sound check should have started as soon as we were set up.  But it didn't, and I'm not sure why.

The band for Video Café this morning was Daniel Eric Groves. Or is it The Daniel Eric Groves Band?  I'm not sure.  I understand that the stage had an unusual turn around time.  So we graciously waited for our turn to take over the stage in Room 200.

We were set and ready to start sound check at least by 10:45.  (Which, on a normal weekend is technically when we're supposed to be done sound checking.) I stared to panic a little, as you may have noticed.  But we eventually got started, and went through sound check A-OK.

I started to feel a little rushed, but I know that we overcame that when we went to our green room and prayed for a minute or two.

Fast forward...

Our set in high school was musically tight, and I think it sounded really good in the room.  A well balanced mix, in my opinion.  The crowd response was great right from the start.  I love when they join with us in brining worth to God.

I ran next door to meet the junior high music team...

Fast forward...

Our set in junior was musically... well... I like to describe it in terms of grades, like in school.  Performace: C+  Effort: A  That is to say that we tried our best, but we weren't quite as tight as I would have liked to have been.  In spite of our musical issues, the crowd responded really... well... over and above what one would expect when the music isn't as tight as one would hope it would be.

All this to say, I'm so glad that God is the focus, and not our music teams or power points, or anything like that!

And to Him, be all the glory, forever, and ever!

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